Submissions window for our 2020 ESSAY CONTEST (non fiction essays of 2,000 words or less) is open from February 1, 2020 - April 17, 2020. As a reminder, The Big Brick Review seeks personal essays (previously unpublished) that build on the narrative of our lives, finding new insight to old struggles...old insight to new struggles...and all shades-of-gray in between.

Essays must be narrative non-fiction (that is, they must explore a truth of a human experience as interpreted/experienced by the author) and will be judged on overall strength of writing, compelling content/theme, and interesting style/voice.

How do I enter?

PREPARE IT: Essay must not exceed 2,000 words, should be typed and double-spaced, 12-pt font, in a Word document format, and must include the following information: 

Title of work
Author name & brief bio (one-two lines)
Author email address


Entry must be submitted by April 17, 2020 (emailed or postmarked), using one of the two options below.

Online option:

1. Submit your entry fee of $20 via PayPal (button below) or by mailing a check (mailing address below). Only one submission per author will be considered.

OR: "the check's in the mail" to: The Big Brick Review, PO Box 10251, Rochester, NY, 14610

2. Submit your completed essay to


Postal mail option:

1. Submit your completed essay and submission fee of $20 to The Big Brick Review, PO Box 10251, Rochester, NY, 14610


Contest finalists will be announced online by May 1, 2020.

Contest winners will be announced online by June 1, 2020.


The Big Brick Review can only consider unpublished work. If your submission is selected for publication online at The Big Brick Review, rights revert to author after publication online and/or in our hard-copy journal.. 

At this time, we do not accept poetry, fiction, or other unsolicited work.