The Big Brick Review

Building on the narrative of our brick at a time.



1st Place ($300)

The Errand

by Jeanne Brinkman Grinnan

WHEN I WAS five, I could look out my bedroom window at night and see a giant red neon sign on top of a big brick building several streets away.  It spelled KODAK PARK in big blocky letters that glowed red-hot against the darkening more

2nd Place ($200)

Your Goddam Life and

How To Sew A Dress

by Susan Starbird

YOUR LITTLE SISTER slams the bathroom door and clatters down the stairs. Clock says 10 a.m. So hard, so hard to wake up on a Saturday. But you have a plan for the more

3rd Place ($100)

The Willies

by Kerry Feltner

WHEN I WALK by, even the birds quiet down. If I was counting I’d tell you that it has been nine days since I drove away from you while you hit the rust off your brakes... read more

Honorable Mention ($50)

For Today I Can

by Karin Cole

“I DIDN'T THINK I was this afraid to die.” My nineteen year old son says to me. “What will we do? I’m serious Mom.  What if we find out its bad?” I feel tears spring to my eyes and I cannot contain my own fear even though I’ve desperately tried over the last hour. more

Honorable Mention ($50)

Red Balloon

by Holly Hinson

MY TWO-YEAR OLD son Ian has suddenly become obsessed with playing with this one red balloon. He doesn’t understand that like most things, it has a limited shelf life – soon it will begin to wrinkle and shrivel into a windsock, or it will just more

Honorable Mention ($50)

Surprise Night

by Elizabeth Osta

FOR THOSE OF us living at the Motherhouse over the summer, a new twist includes Surprise Night, an idea put forth by the directors. The concept is simple.  Each sister, postulant or novice, is responsible for planning a surprise more